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Striving to create a health care system for Rhode Islanders that is personal, affordable, rational, and just. 

Health Workers & Residents Unite

Health Care Revolt is a critical Rhode Island organized effort to build a health care system that is for people, not profit.
We are organizing health care workers and RI residents to fight for better patient care in their hospitals, community health centers, and practices. We want to build systems of care in each Rhode Island community that are run by and for community members. 

The Plan

Create population-focused healthcare by uniting health care workers to de-industrialize their professional lives.


Allow this united group to lead communities in building multidisciplinary teams and Neighborhood Health Stations. When a critical mass of Neighborhood Health Stations exist, modify existing state law to create the Rhode Island Primary Care Trust, a sustainable financing vehicle for Neighborhood Health Stations and for primary care health education.

What is population-focused healthcare? Learn more here. 

What is a Neighborhood Health Station? Learn about the station already built in Central Falls below and here.

Take the Pledge

Healthcare Revolt was awarded a matching grant to enable us to spread this work and build support.


We need 100 people to give us $100 dollars each before we can draw on those matching funds.

Will you help us? 

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Attend a Meeting

Interested in joining the team?

Attend our monthly general meetings or  your community's multidisciplinary meetings to learn more about how you can become a healthcare activist.


Like and follow us for updates on meeting times and locations!

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Tell Your Story

We need your stories.


As we write Op-eds, letters to the editors, blog posts, and petition the Governor and our legislature, we need your stories and the stories of your friends and family. Stories about how our health care market turned people in pain into sources of profit.

Thanks! Message sent.

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