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Our Mission

The George Wiley Center is a statewide group actively committed to local community organizing for the purpose of creating social and economic justice through changes in public policy.

Founded in 1981, the organization is named for Rhode Islander George Wiley who was active in the Civil and Welfare Rights movements. We are a grassroots group, organizing with low-income Rhode Islanders to advocate for systematic changes aimed at alleviating problems associated with poverty. Our mission is “to build a community that addresses human needs and redresses injustices.”

With dozens of concrete victories over the past 40 years, we work to strengthen access, affordability, and democracy in areas of basic need and dignified quality of life.  Issues of focus include utility access, SNAP benefits, school breakfast, living wages, (un)/employment, youth jobs, and other struggles to eliminate poverty.  Powered by the collective efforts of many, the George Wiley Center's organizing strength lies in our multi-faceted strategies-- through direct practical support, statewide meetings, public hearings, research, community education, know-your-rights clinics, grassroots lobbying, and direct actions, we continue to push for positive policy changes to achieve social and economic justice.


Your support is greatly appreciated! From financial donations to volunteering, we deeply thank our network of caring supporters for your critical contributions to this important work.

Our History
Click here to learn about how the George Wiley Center got started. 
How does the GWC work?
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