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As a grassroots organization,
the George Wiley Center relies on the generosity of our supporters. We greatly appreciate and thank you for helping us to continue our important work.

Please mail donations (or drop off in person):
The George Wiley Center
32 East Ave
Pawtucket, RI 02860

The George Wiley Center is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, your generous donations are tax-exempt.


Thank you for your support!




thank you!

~ Wish List ~

* Any financial donation small or big


* Your volunteer time to make phone calls, provide rides, help around the office, do doorknocking and other outreach, give computer tech support, or offer a variety of skills, all ages of volunteers are welcome!


* Paper, for making handouts and flyers, to inform others and increase participation


* Office Copier Machine, to make handouts and flyers


* Poster boards, paint, markers, canvas, to make community messaging for hearings and actions


* Van, for providing rides to those who don't have cars


* Children's art supplies, coloring books, markers, crayons, construction paper, etc., for children who come to our office accompanying their parents to consultations and meetings


* Miscellaneous office supplies (office chairs, pens, clipboards, envelopes, staplers, tape, etc.)


* Sound system, bullhorn, microphone, for use at actions and other events


* Digital Video Camera, tripod, and other A/V equipment for making grassroots films on local issues of social and economic justice


* Projector, to show movies and news clips on community issues


* Refrigerator, to store food and drinks for community meetings


* Non-perishable snack items, beverages, coffee, pizza & grocery store gift certificates, for community meetings


* Other miscellaneous items, please check with us


 Please contact us for any questions or to discuss possible donation of goods or services.  THANK YOU!

office: 401-728-5555

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