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Volunteer or Intern

Become an intern or volunteer. The George Wiley Center provides ample opportunities to learn useful skills and make a difference!

Please contact for more information.

What will you learn from working with us?
During your time with the George Wiley Center, you will learn how to organize youth, seniors, and immigrant families through a unique collective casework model. Volunteers and interns gain experience with various community organizing approaches while working alongside experienced organizers and advocates. Skills obtained are relevant to social work, sociology, political science, and public health, as well as nonprofit and public service administration. You will come away with the desire and the tools to affect real social change, to ensure that every Rhode Islander has access to the services they deserve.

What can you do to help out?
Whatever your skills you can assist with our efforts toward economic and social justice. Whether you are interested in community organizing, law, policy, sociology, economics, design, popular theater, filmmaking, communication, or social media, your skills will be invaluable! We can accommodate for varying time lengths and involvement requirements that would suit your academic internship, community service or volunteer needs.

· All ages and skill sets are welcome! 
· Commitment to economic and social justice
· Interest in learning community organizing skills and building social movements
· Willingness to work with diverse populations in multilingual settings (knowledge of languages other than English is welcome, but not necessary)

Your involvement could include:
· Helping plan community meetings and direct actions
· Offering rides to those who lack adequate transportation
· Assisting with childcare at community meetings
· Doing community outreach at food pantries, soup kitchens, churches, community health centers and social service agencies
· Taking part in hearings, consumer advocacy, or grassroots lobbying
· Providing pro bono legal assistance
· Assisting in the office
· Researching and analyzing policies and practices
· Conducting interviews and making videos to promote public awareness
· Expanding social media, including Facebook and Twitter
· Contributing your ideas to make a difference! 
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