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GWC's Annual Quizbowl

Coming soon!

Stay tuned and contact us to volunteer in ongoing and upcoming fundraising efforts

Team Trivia event for fun and fundraising. Teams of up to 8 people will compete for the coveted "Brightest Bulb" award. 


An enjoyable night for all, with entertaining & clever trivia questions and all answers given as a team.


Create your own team of 8 with co-workers, friends or family, or let us know if you are looking for a team. Your chance to help keep the George Wiley Center's work going, while spending an enjoyable evening together!


Teams may be up to 8 people per table. Questions will be read aloud. Answers will be written on each team's answer sheet. There will be 9 rounds of 7 questions. Categories may include local history, famous quotes, toys & games, music, or "identify this face." Scorers will keep a running tally after each round and "proctors" will make sure no one consults their iPhone. 


If you are unable to attend but would still like to support the George Wiley Center, we greatly appreciate any donations. Please call, email or visit our website. The George Wiley Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, receipts for tax purposes are provided upon request.



The George Wiley Center is a statewide group actively committed to local community organizing for the purpose of creating social and economic justice through changes in public policy.

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