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Former Staff

Daisy Benitez
Bilingual Health Equity and Transportation Justice Organizer

Daisy is an international activist for immigrant rights and economic justice. We are fortunate to continue to collaborate with Daisy beyond borders!


Kinverly Dicupe
Bilingual Food Security Organizer

I'm a low-income Afro-Latina fighting for justice in all facets of our society. I hope to continue working with local groups to further an agenda that centers working people, like the George Wiley Center has been doing for decades.


Ninya Smith
Assistant Bookkeeper

I consider myself a passionate individual when it comes to community work. There’s something about assisting others through situations I can relate to that drives me. I’m originally from Chicago and grew up in Uptown. Art has always been a natural talent, during my sophomore year of high school I completed an artist apprenticeship at gallery 37. I attended college for computer animation and graphic design, but ultimately landed a career as a tattoo artist; my specialty is realism. In 2006 I moved to Massachusetts where I worked in the management field and preformed administrative and secretarial duties. I now live in Pawtucket assisting at the George Wiley Center. I’d like to help as much as I can, motivate others to push through hard times and find their potential.

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