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Transforming the Board

On June 8th, 2019, members, volunteers, current and former board members of the George Wiley Center acted to take back the Board of Directors on behalf of the community it serves. We, the new Board of Directors, are grateful to have the support of the George Wiley Center’s Coordinator, employees, volunteers, members, and friends. Other individuals, together with grassroots and membership-based organizations—locally and nationally—have reached out to encourage us, and we invite you to do the same by signing our petition at gwc , liking us on Facebook, retweeting us with #takebackyourorg, becoming a member, and donating.

Moving forward, we are renewing our commitment to grassroots organizing for social, economic, and racial justice. Our top priority in the coming months will be to change the foundation of the Board of Directors from an authoritarian model to a democratic one, and to hold organization-wide elections to give control back to the members. We are excited to strengthen our relationship with members as we build power collectively to fight injustice and support one another. We know how much we can accomplish together, and we welcome anyone interested in continuing the legacy of the George Wiley Center to join us. We hold open (free and public) organizing meetings every Wednesday at 6:30 PM.


In Solidarity,

The Board of Directors of the George Wiley Center

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