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Housing Security

Since the ending of the federal moratorium on tenant evictions expired several months ago, eviction hearings in Rhode Island have more than doubled between the winter months of December and January. Over the last few years, eviction filing have jumped 20%, making Rhode Island the state with both the highest eviction filing rate, and highest eviction rate in New England. The city of Providence averaged more than four evictions a day (4.33), which makes its eviction rate nearly three times that of Boston. The increase in evictions is the result of several factors; however, rising rent prices in Rhode Island, specifically in Providence, is the principal cause. The cost of a one-bedroom apartment in Providence has climbed 28% since January 2021, well above the national average. The high cost of living in RI is only compounded by the current housing shortage and lack of emergency shelters for people and families facing housing insecurity. 



Winter Moratorium on Evictions


Moratoriums on evictions are prohibitions or orders by law that protect tenants from suddenly facing eviction by their landlord(s). Often, tenants find themselves in danger of sudden eviction if they cannot pay rent on time. Financial issues stem from a variety of issues, including: 


  • job loss

  • rent increase

  • any new expenses- healthcare, school, children 


We are working to build a campaign to pass a moratorium on winter evictions. Through interviews with both tenants and landlords in Rhode Island, we've been able to gather and compile information to build both an infographic and a petition. 

If you would like to support and share your opinion and story, please fill out the petition on Housing Security linked in the campaign tab!



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Winter Moratorium Infographic

To work with us, please call us at (401) 728-5555

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